Events – November 2015

Every month we will try and curate a list of events around Bristol (and perhaps, occasionally further afield) that we feel are related to the course, reflect the interests of the students on it, and/or pertain to emerging conversations in human geography.

The Rooms Festival on Silver Street.  5th-7th November.

theroomsA self-declared playground for new ideas, the Rooms festival invites us though its doors and into a series of fantastical, creative, and technological interactions. Reimagine our digital futures and experience the potential of technology to transform how we exist in the world.

Find out more here.


Festival of the Future City. 16th-20th November.

Aimed at inspiring big thinkifuturecityng and debate on the future of our cities – what does the ideal city look like? How does it provide social mobility, prosperity for its inhabitants and opportunities for enjoyable and playful encounters? There will be wide-range of speakers on topics varying from sustainability, resilience, walking in the city, utopian cities, and much more.

Find out more here.


UWE/Art in the City talks: Assemble: The Handmade and the Improvised. Arnolfini. November 18th 6pm-7.30pm

assembleFind out more about Turner prize nominees Assemble, their democratically run architecture, art and design practice, and the potentialities of small-scale interventions for affecting the social and political life of the city.

Find out more here.


Landscaping Change ll: Water. Arnolfini. November 19th 6.45pm – 9.30pm. Featuring Jethro Brice, Owain Jones & Marianna Dudley

12079057_882195198532541_6457898108875242739_nConnecting artists, writers, humanities scholars, and the community the Landscaping Change series explores the meaning of place, especially when the places we know change. This event focuses particularly on watery landscapes.

Find out more here.

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