Events – November 2015

Every month we will try and curate a list of events around Bristol (and perhaps, occasionally further afield) that we feel are related to the course, reflect the interests of the students on it, and/or pertain to emerging conversations in human geography. The Rooms Festival on Silver Street.  5th-7th November. A self-declared playground for newContinue reading “Events – November 2015”

Mundane Places: Motorway Service Stations

By Catherine Midwood This piece takes a look at the cultural history of motorway service stations in Britain. My background is in cultural studies – I studied International Media and Communications at the University of Nottingham. I gained an interest in geography by reading about everyday life and mundane places. My undergraduate dissertation was focusedContinue reading “Mundane Places: Motorway Service Stations”

‘Theorising Society and Space’: What is Critical Theory?

By Ciara Merrick   Continental philosophy of social science encompasses a rich canon of thinkers, in turn reflecting the longer histories of European thought,  from Ancient Greece and Rome, to early Christendom and today. However, the dominance of Anglo-American philosophy within much of the contemporary social sciences has served to marginalise the continental tradition, eitherContinue reading “‘Theorising Society and Space’: What is Critical Theory?”